TN3270 Resource Gateway

TN3270 Resource Gateway

TN3270RG is a TCP/IP TN3270 gateway that dynamically assigns resources to a connection from a pool of available addresses. Features include an easy to use web interface for management and a PostgreSQL database backend.

It is useful if you have a large number of machines connecting to a TN3270 host, but for whatever reason the host itself cannot assign resources from a pool. TN3270 will keep track of a pool of resources in a PostgreSQL database (should work with other databases as well) and dynamically allocate a resource to each connnection that goes through it. Simply configure the daemon so it knows the address of the real TN3270 host, set the resource pool up using the web management software, and point your clients to the address of the gateway. In the client configuration set your resource to what you have the replacement token set to (!_TN3270RG_RESOURCE_! by default) and when the daemon sees that resource go by, it will substitute the resource it has allocated for the connection and pass the rest of the data stream unaltered to the host.

The program is designed to be fast and stable and should recover gracefully from most errors including unexpected disconnections and database errors. It is written in Perl and uses the POE framework.


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